Tips to charge your battery faster


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The best tricks to charge our iPhone battery faster without damaging it


iphone fast charge

  • Keep iPhone well cooled:

    When charging the iPhone, temperature is generated within normal levels, especially in the area where the battery and the connector are, this is normal to be more noticeable when charging is wireless. The best is remove the case from your iPhone or put one that does not enclose it much so that it “breathes”. The improvement is not very noticeable but you will gain minutes and also the battery and the charger will suffer less. It is also important to provide heaters to protect the seals and adhesives that make our iPhone waterproof, which with continuous changes in temperature lose their watertight capacity.

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  • Turn on airplane mode and battery saver mode and don’t use your iPhone:

    Activate the airplane mode while charging iPhone and battery saver , and you will reduce the charging time in a few minutes. Following the same line, it is recommended do not use the iPhone at all while we load it in a hurry.

    • If you have no choice but to use the iPhone, you can use other tricks like reduce screen brightness.
  • It is advisable avoid wireless charging:

    Avoid wireless charging because it is usually slower and generates much more heat because it is more inefficient, in fact Apple even tried to release a wireless multi-device charger, but had to retract when seeing the risks and inefficiency of this charging method, which generates very hot when charging more than 1 device and the risk of overheating would be high.

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