Can the iPad Pro replace a computer?

iPad pro will replace the computer

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Can the iPad Pro replace a computer?

We have known the iPad for many years and many since Apple said that the iPad Pro can replace a computer. However, the years have passed and this substitution has not yet occurred.

With the arrival of iPad OS and the launch of the latest version of the iPad Pro with M1, the paradigm begins to change. Apple bases its speech and advertising on this statement and we find more and more people in agreement with it. Let’s see what has happened to think now that the iPad Pro can replace a computer or almost.

What advantages does the iPad Pro offer compared to the computer?

As we have already said, the arrival of iPad OS was a great leap for the iPad and this has been accentuated by the improvements incorporated in the latest version of the iPad Pro with the power and efficiency of the M1 and the mini Led screen, which offers levels of image quality and energy consumption of an Oled screen without its weak points. The sum of these two factors has made the iPad has become a combination of the ease of the iPhone and the versatility of Mac computers. Although it should also be pointed out that the symbiosis is not yet perfect and there is still a way to go before the claim that the iPad pro can replace a computer becomes a reality.

iPad Pro supports multiple windows

Until recently, iPads could only support one or two sales, placed side by side.. In addition to being a very small number, its display left much to be desired. This happened because Apple did not want to complicate the interface of its iPads and the maximum of one App at a time was possible. That is, the applications could be used only one at a time.

Fortunately, this has changed. With the latest updates incorporated into the interface, the iPad Pro is capable of managing several windows at the same time. Now, thanks to iPad OS 15, we can open temporary floating windows to do quick queries, we can leave videos in a corner of the screen while they are running and open a new screen, etc. What’s more, what used to be done in 10 taps is now done in just 2which represents a saving of time and a simplification that is appreciated.

Files can be dragged and dropped

Another great facility that iPad Pro has incorporated is the possibility of drag and drop content and information easily.

Now, all we have to do is select the content of an application that we want to save and drag it across the screen, with our finger, to save it in the place we want.

Easy access files

One of the big drawbacks of the iPad was the difficulty in finding files. To save them you had to put them in folders, within folders, within others, in such a way that it was impossible to find them. But now, Apple has completed the 180-degree turn that began with the iCloud Drive app. Thanks to App “Files”, files in Spanish, we can enjoy a file explorer as powerful as Windows or Mac.

This new application allows us to move files as we please, select several at once, delete them, change their names, upload them to the cloud, etc. Also, if you don’t want to use this app it will be as if it wasn’t on your iPad. Apple leaves everything to your choice.

magic keyboard

Apple’s new Magic Keyboard makes even the usability and look like a computer with its trackpad and keyboard, even expanding the number of external ports to two.

iPad Pro is compatible with Apple Pencil and with your conventional mouse

iPad Pro does not have a mouse or support 3D Touch technology, which was a clear disadvantage compared to conventional computers. But, with the latest version of the iPad this disadvantage has been solved. iPad Pro is compatible with Apple Pencilwhich will allow us to aim much faster on its surface.

There are 2 models depending on the Ipad model:

The Apple Pencil has to be purchased separately from the iPad and its use is completely optional, just like the keyboard. Although if you really want to leave your PC behind and use only the iPad, it is best to add it to your iPad as an essential part of it.

Has the end of computers come?

The iPad Pro incorporates more and more facilities to be generalized among the population, but we believe that this moment is still far away. Despite all the news that it presents to work the computer is still more comfortable and useful than the iPad. Another thing is that we are going to use it only to play games, watch videos, take notes, view our social networks… In these cases, the iPad Pro can replace a computer, but not in all of them.

If you are a lover of Apple and technology, we recommend that you get one because it will bring you a lot of satisfaction. But if you really want to use it like a computer and work with it, better stick with your PC.

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There are very interesting alternatives to the original Apple keyboards and perhaps the one with the best offer is Logitech, in fact, many people prefer their sensation when typing than that of the Ipad, although they do not offer the same manufacturing quality or robustness. They also don’t have the option to keep the Ipad screen suspended and at a variety of angles like Apple offers.

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