iOS Mail: Top 5 Tips and Tricks

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Tips and tricks to get the most out of iOS Mail

iOS users, you are in luck, you have one of the best email Apps, so you can make the most of all its options, we bring you five tips and tricks, which will allow you to have an optimal experience. Take note!


Use Swipe Options to archive or delete messages

Be sure to set the swipe options to delete or archive messages while browsing your inbox.

First of all you have to configure each email account to determine where you want the discarded message to go by default. Tap settings > mail, contacts, calendars > tap the mail account > Account > Advanced settings > Move discarded messages to: Trash or Archive mailbox.

Once this is done, open Settings > mail, contacts, calendars > Swipe options > Swipe right > select archive.

Now when you swipe right on a message you will be shown the Archive option while swiping left will allow you to delete the message.

Set special alerts for your VIP contacts

Mail allows you to customize the ringtone and vibration pattern for certain VIP contacts.

  • TOadd contacts to VIP list: Launch the mail app > VIP inbox > tap the blue arrow > Add VIP > search for the specific contact and add your contact.
  • Set custom notices for your VIP contacts: Launch the mail app > VIP inbox > tap the blue arrow > VIP Notices and from here you can configure it according to your needs.

Swipe down to save drafts of your emails

If you’re writing a new email and need to go back to your inbox, just swipe down from the top to save a draft email. When you need to return to the draft of your message, just click on the bottom navigation bar.

Hack!: If you accidentally discard a draft you really need, just hold down the Compose button, and within seconds it reappears.

Add quick access to your favorite folders

The Mail application allows you to have quick access to the folders, notifications, alerts or messages that you want.

  • At the top of the view inbox Edit > and add as many views as you want to have on hand.

Automatic iOS mail detection

Autodiscover collects appointments, flights, and contact information in your messages. When something is found in a message, a notice will appear at the top of your message. Tap on that notice to see your options. You can then add flights or appointments to your calendar, or update an existing contact’s information with a few taps. This way you will not miss any event.

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