Turn your house into 2.0 and control it with your mobile


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The best smart home accessories so that your house is 2.0 and you can control everything from your mobile.

We bring you a list of the best accessories to turn your house into a smart home and be able to save energy and control your entire house remotely.

smart thermostats

Smart thermostats not only bring intelligence to heating or cooling your home, they also make your heating more efficient by knowing how you like your home to be heated and when. They base the temperature setting on when you’ll be home and reduce energy waste by taking into account when you’re away. This intelligence is a great addition to your smart home setup.

You can also control some smart thermostats with Google Home devices, adjusting the temperature in your home with nothing more than your voice.

Google Nest

Nest is part of Google, dedicated to the development of the smart home. East it was their first product and the most famous, making it possible for people to manage their thermostat from their mobile phone or the Internet.

Totally recommended if you plan to use any of the other Nest productssuch as cameras, lights, smoke sensors, or the next alarm, since everything is integrated and you will receive notifications on your phone. As for the thermostat, it has a dvery careful design and materials, which allows you to place it in your home without attracting much attention. The configuration is simple and both the control from the Internet and from the mobile is totally user friendly. You have the possibility of learn your heating habits and through algorithms, also learn how long it takes your heating system to heat your home, in order to turn on the heating in advance to reach the temperature you have chosen at the time you have said. The only bad thing I see is its overpriced, but if you can afford it, it’s well worth it. Fully integrable with automation systems such as Home assistant or domoticz.

Netatmo Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

Netatmo It is a programmable digital thermostat that used to control a single boilerallows adapting to the needs of an environment depending on the uses, which helps to carry out a much higher energy savings to those offered by other thermostats on the market.

It can be configured through manual use or using an App that allows you to manage the thermostat even from a distance, just by using the mobile or tablet. It has an ingenious adaptation technology, in which for a few days it creates an algorithm that helps turn the heating on and off based on its daily use.

Is very simple to installpractically in an hour, since it comes with various accessories that facilitate this task, and in case you want to improve the product, valves can be purchased separately that will allow you to independently control the temperature in different rooms.


Netatmo NTH-ES-EC Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat for individual boiler

Netatmo NTH-ES-EC Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat for individual boiler

  • SAVE WITHOUT THINKING: save energy with the heating program and heat your home according to your needs and if you go on vacation, program the…
  • REMOTE CONTROL AND WITH YOUR VOICE: control the Smart Thermostat remotely with your smartphone, tablet or computer and thanks to the compatibility with…
  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: install the Netatmo Smart Thermostat yourself, without problems and in less than an hour

automatic lights

There are millions of offers and suppliers of lights, however, our advice is not to go too far with unrecognized brands, as we can put our safety and our electrical installation at risk, our favorites are Philips (due to the variety of options it offers), Xiaomi (due to its very competitive price) and Yeelight, since it is a clone of Philips and the reviews are giving good results in general.





Yeelight Bedside Lamp D2

Security cameras

If we want to be able to see live that nothing strange is happening in our house, that our landlord is not spying on us, or if we detect that there is movement and we want to confirm that someone has entered our house, we can do everything from our mobile. These types of cameras are also very useful if we own a business and want to manage to see that nobody is doing what they shouldn’t, both customers and employees, and everything live thanks to the possibility of seeing what is happening live and direct.

The best smart cameras of the moment are the following:


The first option that surely comes to mind is the ring brand solution, an Amazon company that offers everything in reference to security, smart doorbells and telephones, outdoor and indoor cameras, and the possibility of night vision.


You don’t have many options but the solutions they offer are very easy to install and the quality of the products is phenomenal.

smart plugs

Smart plugs are versatile devices that allow us to control any device that you connect to them: a router, the heater, the heating… so that we can turn them on when we need them, even when we are not at home.

If they are already useful in themselves, when they are part of a home automation ecosystem to turn our house into a smart place like Google or Apple, the possibilities increase a lot.


If your ecosystem is that of Amazon, its Smart Plug is an alternative to not get complicated. It connects via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, is valid only for interiors and its maximum amperage is 10 amps.

Tp link


TP-Link Tapo P100 (4-Pack) - Wi-Fi Smart Mini Plug, optimal for programming the...

TP-Link Tapo P100 (4-Pack) – Wi-Fi Smart Mini Plug, optimal for programming the…

  • REMOTE CONTROL & VOICE CONTROL: Instantly turn on/off all connected devices via the tapo app on your phone…
  • TIMER and SCHEDULE: Schedule and timer functions allow you to create weekly planning and countdown plans. All of his…
  • AWAY MODE: Automatically turns devices on and off to give the impression someone is home




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