Top accessories for your Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra

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From batteries to cases, we tell you what are the best accessories you can buy if you have a Samsung Galaxy S22 or S22 Ultra:

Samsung Galaxy S22 Wireless Charging Battery Pack

This is the official Samsung battery and it stands out, not only in design, but also in performance, being able to fully charge the phone up to 3 times. a+Also, you can do it wirelessly so you don’t have to rely on carrying a cable with you. It is without a doubt the best way to get away from the charger.

Personally, I usually go camping or hiking relatively frequently, I always carry it with me because it is not very heavy and because I have the peace of mind that with or without access to electricity I will be able to count on having the phone operational.

samsung earphones

As with Apple and its range of Airpods, connectivity with Samsung headphones is the best, in addition to its features are very competitive, the galaxy buds 2 include noise cancellation something that we only find in the Airpods Pro, which usually are above 210 Euros.

For the most sportsmen and lovers of audio quality, there are the Bose, which even though they are much more expensive than those offered by Samsung itself, their design makes them better for sportsmen, in addition to their spectrum and audio fidelity are better.

In addition to these 3 models, we have the classic and best-selling galaxy buds.

Covers and protectors

With these cases, your phone it will recognize when you have the cover closed and will show specific information that you can see through it. This allows you to take calls without needing to open the cover (for example), or access the camera. There are also the classic extremely resistant silicone covers and the new Led Cover, which has its own Led system to display the most important information without the need to use the mobile screen itself.

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Chargers

If you buy an s22 or s22 Ultra it’s a shame you don’t have the Fast Wireless Charging accessory as it’s one of the best things these phones have. Fast charging is twice as fast as charging with cable and is available in a stand version to watch your movies or have the mobile on the desk without missing anything so… you’ll see!

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