Will My Apple Watch Run watchOS 9?

watchOS 9 will release this fail. But some Apple Watch models won’t be able to upgrade to it.

Wondering “will my Apple Watch run watchOS 9?” Read on…

The Apple Watch is one of Apple’s newest devices. Originally introduced in 2015, at first, the Apple Watch seemed like a product that didn’t know what it wanted to be. Apple positioned it as everything from a fashion accessory to a small computer on your wrist.

It wasn’t until the Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2 that the Apple Watch truly found its jogging. Nowadays, the Apple Watch’s primary focus is on health tracking and connectivity, though the Apple Watch can of course still do other things, like send and receive texts and emails, and more.

The Apple Watch runs an operating system called watchOS. This is basically iOS for the Apple Watch. watchOS gives the Apple Watch its built-in features and also serves as a platform for third-party Apple Watch apps to run on.

In June 2022, Apple previewed watchOS 9 at its Worldwide Developer’s Conference. watchOS 9 includes several software improvements to the Apple Watch, including new workout views, improved sleep tracking, the ability to manage and track your medications, new watch faces, and more.

watchOS 9 is available now as a developer beta and Apple will release a public beta of watchOS 9 in July. The commercial version of watchOS 9 is expected to launch in September. This is the version the general public will be able to download and install on their Apple Watch.

Well…provided they have the right Apple Watch…

Which Apple Watches Will Run watchOS 9?

Being the Apple Watch’s newest operating system, watchOS 9 is also understandably, its most advanced. But when Apple announced watchOS 9 this June, it also announced that it was dropping support for the OS from one Apple Watch the company still actually sells.

Here are the Apple Watches that Apple says WILL run watchOS 9:

As you can see from the list, you’ll need an Apple Watch Series 4 or later to run watchOS 9. That differs from watchOS 8, which was released in 2021. watchOS 8 ran on all Apple Watch models from the Series 3 on up .

But Apple is changing that with watchOS 9. Now watchOS 9 will require the Apple Watch Series 4 or later.

Why Won’t The Apple Watch Series 3 Run watchOS 9?

While it’s slightly disappointing that watchOS 9 will not run on Apple Watch Series 3 models – especially since Apple still currently sells the Apple Watch Series 3 – it’s also not much of a surprise.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is an old device by today’s standards. It first launched in 2017 – that’s five years ago. A wearable that is five years old is ancient in the tech world.

But Apple just isn’t dropping support for the Apple Watch Series 3 because of its age. Its design and internal hardware have a lot to do with it too. As watchOS becomes more advanced with each iteration, its hardware requirements increase, too.

The Apple Watch Series 3 has an S3 chipset. But the Apple Watch Series 4 has the S4 chipset – a 64-bit chip that is twice as powerful and fast as the S3. It seems Apple just doesn’t think the Apple Watch Series 3 has the CPU to run watchOS 9 tasks to an acceptable degree.

But the Apple Watch Series 3 also has another limitation – a small, square display. Apple Watches Series 4 and later have a larger display with rounded corners. Apple clearly wants to move away from supporting the older display size and form factor.

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